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What is BarnerWorx Landscape Curbing?

BarnerWorx Landscape Curbing is a continuous custom concrete border extruded from a landscape curb machine creating an extremely durable and permanent border between the flower beds and lawn.

Choose your color, texture and style to fit the exact style for your gardens, driveways, walkways or use your imagination.

Custom concrete landscape curbing adds the perfect touch to your home or business's landscape.

Concrete Landscape Borders.

Attractive. Clean. Crisp. Strong.

Say goodbye to that 'not-so-cheap', and unattractive plastic edging that shifts, buckles and collapses.

Say hello to our highly rated customizable landscape curbing for gardens, tree rings, golf putting greens, downspout runoff control, commercial buildings, parks and urban projects.

Value. Quality. Tough. Eco-Friendly. 

Enhancing your property's curb appeal. Framing your landscaping with a clean crisp look.

Also known as Central PA Curbing

BarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping Curbing

Keep Mulch In the Garden

Keeping mulch in place is key to an attractive well-kept garden. Weather like heavy rain and winds – even foot or lawnmower traffic – causes mulch to end up in the lawn. BarnerWorx Concrete Landscape Curbing - mulch stays put.

BarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping Curbing


Compared to the “do it yourself” blocks and bricks that you purchase and install yourself - the pricing for BarnerWorx Landscape Curbing is comparable and better yet, you design the look you want, and we'll professionally install it.

BarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping Curbing

Strong & Durable

BarnerWorx Landscape Curbing is super strong. We use fiber mesh, concrete additives and steel to strengthen the curb and add extra reinforcement. This gives your Landscape Curbing a very long life-span.

Make It Yours

Choose Your Curb Color

Choose the color that brings out the best of your property. Match it to your siding color or something that highlights and compliments your garden.

BarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping CurbingBarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping Curbing
BarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping CurbingBarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping Curbing

Choose Your
Stamp Pattern

Now, make your Landscape truly unique - give your Curbing a Stamp Pattern that makes your concrete edging POP!

Like the Look of Stone? Choose

Moroccan Natural Stone

Choose Moroccan Natural Stone to give your edging a rustic, yet well-kept look without the hassle of resetting stones or slate every year or so.

BarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping CurbingBarnerWorx Concrete Landscaping Curbing


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Installation | Maintenance | Preservation

Here's how we do it, and keep it looking great year after year.

Also known as Central PA Curbing.

BarnerWorx Landscape Curb Installation

Curb Installation

We're also known as Central PA Curbing. BarnerWorx delivers custom curb design and installation. We're an independent business certified by Lil’ Bubba® Curb Systems. We are trained in applying industry-leading tools and techniques.

BarnerWorx Curb Maintenance

Curb Maintenance

To ensure the best quality curbing every time, we use Lil’ Bubba® CurbColor™ products. We will talk you through all the important information to ensure a long beautiful life of your custom landscape curbing installation.

BarnerWorx Sealing concrete and pavers

Sealing Concrete & Pavers

We excel at sealing concrete and pavers. Sealing not only beautifies, but it protects against damage caused by weather, spilled oil, dirt, mold and other contaminates that causes unsightly and expensive problems.

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