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About the Founder

Mark Barner, BarnerWorx

Mark Barner, BarnerWorx

I grew up in Harrisburg and have lived in central PA most of my life. I have always loved working with my hands - building and creating things. When I was old enough, I began working in various home improvement and construction jobs ranging from residential and commercial construction, roofing and even trucking.

In 2019, I had an experience with my mother's elderly friend, Thelma. Thelma is a kind, spunky lady who celebrated her 100th birthday in 2022. Thelma needed some minor plumbing repairs. She called a local plumber who completed the work but chose a far more expensive option than she needed. In my opinion, that plumber knew better but didn't care. That plumber gouged Thelma, and was more concerned about making a buck than doing what was needed and right. That plumber took advantage of an elderly person who didn't know any better - but the plumber sure did.

This got me both angry and thinking, "...how many other Thelma's are out there?" So I began formulating the foundation of BarnerWorx simply based on Thelma's experience. Of course, people in business measure success in customer sales and revenue. But, in my opinion - you don't take advantage of people who don't know any better about home improvement, and you don't take ineffective cheap shortcuts, either.  Not only is that plain and simple wrong, it's lazy. We all need and want improvements or repairs done to our homes and offices, but to me, the key is providing customers with exceptional work with open and honest communication at a fair and reasonable price. Especially if that means doing the job more thoughtfully, yet equally effectively and at a lower price. Because of Thelma, our senior customers automatically receive a discount if they know about it or not.

I was determined to create a different home care/home improvement business. First, I listen to my customer's wants, needs, and concerns. Everything from time, budget, and materials, including long and short-term goals. Then, after listening, I think the solution they're suggesting is not the right one; I'll explain why and we'll talk it through. I'll even search for reliable sources to ensure my customers understand why I'm suggesting what I'm proposing. I then present options and make suggestions based on my (and Thelma's) experience. Ultimately, the customer gets to decide what they want to do for their home. Still, I believe my approach is one of the key reasons we've seen a lot of repeat clients.

In early 2022, I stumbled across a business opportunity for residential landscape curbing. My wife had the curbing installed in her previous home and was a big fan of the product. However, working both our handyman business and for a good company, I was putting in very long and irregular hours. Many days, I got up at 2:00 am and got home late in the evening. In addition, with very little notice, I would have to work out of town for days at a time. But to me, work-life balance is important on many levels. So after a ton of research and conversations with my wife - we agreed to invest in custom landscape curbing service and add it to my existing handyman work. At that point - BarnerWorx was born.

Today, BarnerWorx offers residential and commercial landscape curbing and an ever-growing number of Handyman services. Often, customers choose to pair or bundle our services.

To our way of thinking - BarnerWorx ensures that our client's property value is maintained or improved... year after year.

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